Aroma Sense USA Trade Show Booth Design

Aroma Sense USA Trade Show Booth Design

About the Company:

Opus International LLC is a premier import and export organization specializing in product distribution around the world. They distribute a plethora of products in various industries and verticals. One of the sub-brands that Opus carries is Aroma Sense shower heads and products. Our client, Aroma Sense USA offers a line of products including beauty and spa items, luxury shower heads, home accessories and more!

The Challenge:

As a returning customer, Opus International commissioned Ready Artwork to design a trade show booth design for them. The requirement of this graphic design art project was to feature both Opus International and Aroma Sense USA as a lifestyle brand. The clients specifically requested to not have products be featured in this design. The color preferences were to be soft and light in order to communicate a serene, comforting and tranquil feeling to the overall booth design.

Ready Artwork’s Solution:

Our creative designers at Ready Artwork consulted and brainstormed closely with the client to establish a viable approach to this booth design. We used a soft multi-colored gradient in the background to create a silk and satin appearance. Stock photographs were also used to support the scene; a zen-like rock layout with a female model sitting in a calm and peaceful pose. In order to showcase both Opus and Aroma Sense, we decided to display the Opus International’s logo while featuring Aroma Sense USA’s web address along with it. The graphic design and typography used for “An Opulence of Luxury & Aroma” was also designed with a serene and tranquil theme in mind by using soft and calm color palettes.

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