Bella Cassia Logo

Bella Cassia Logo

About the Company:

Bella Cassia is a wooden furniture company from Thailand. They have been in the wooden furniture business since 1987 and strive to offer good craftsmanship along with technology to each product for their customers. Bella Cassia specializes in RTA furniture and currently export to the U.S.A. and Europe. Some products they offer include: dining tables, chairs, bookshelves, wall shelves, and more.

The Challenge:

Our client wanted to incorporate a flower icon into their logo to represent Thailand. They wanted something that was simple so their customers can recognize it and read it easily. The name “Bella Cassia” was also discovered to be able to easily market in the USA. The logo needed to be modern, updated, and clean.

The Solution:

Our designers went with Thailand’s national flower as the icon for this logo. “Cassia” is also the name of the national flower of Thailand. To make it easy to read, our designers chose a sans serif font for the name. The final logo incorporates the Cassia flower as well as elements of elegant and simplicity.

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