EnCore Website Design

EnCore Website Design

What is the best course of action when launching a new product? Creating an informational website.

Kav America is a healthy food and beverage manufacturing industry and was a previous client and our graphic designers had done some packing design for this client in the past. They came back to Ready Artwork when they wanted to launch a new product, Kav enCore, a nutritional shake. Our team not only designed their new logo but also created a WordPress informational website for the launch of their new product.

The biggest challenge with this website was how our team would create this website to look visually similar to the original company’s website while still looking modern and enticing for costumers to purchase this new product.


Our team developed a custom responsive WordPress website with a product carrousel and parallax. On the home page our designers incorporated different colors throughout to match with the special nutritional ingredients in the product.  On the products page, each flavor has its own landing page that also includes scroll within a text box to display more information.  In additional, each flavor has its own specially designed graphics that is repeated on the actual packaging design and on the website wherever that flavor is mentioned.

Our designers were very intentional about adding these details because it gives the website an overall healthy, fun and modern feel. Does your business need a new website? Contact our team of programming experts and experienced graphic designers to see what we can do to boost your business.

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