Europa Holiday

Europa Holiday

About the Company:

Based in San Gabriel Valley, Europa Holiday travel creates exclusive travel packages for their customers.  Their goal is to make the information on their website informative and address differing needs of travelers from all over the world.  They want to make your travel experience easy and enjoyable!


As a small agency with such a large offering of packages and tours, the client needed to use their resources and marketing efforts wisely while focusing on their day-to-day business. When the client approached Ready Artwork, they already had a pre-existing Facebook account but was experiencing troubles with growing their fan base and getting fans to interact with their company. Lastly, they were also looking for an agency that offered bilingual capabilities in both English and Chinese marketing services.

Ready Artwork’s Solutions: 

In order to address the challenges of our client, we proposed a marketing solution that would help build and grow their brand awareness while also providing assistance in areas that could help save the client time and effort on their own part.

The customized program we created for our client consisted of Facebook, Pinterest, and MailChimp. Since the beginning of our management of the Europa Facebook account, their fan base has grown to nearly 4,000 followers with our posts gaining an average 1,000-3,000 total reach each week! Along with consistent activity and management of the daily customer relations, we also recommended two bilingual Facebook ads to further boost their local reach and business. Through research and observation of their fan base on Facebook, we suggested one ad be targeted toward their usual local audience around the Los Angeles area. For the second ad, we suggested to target it specifically for the Northern California audience as our client had mentioned that a large majority of their business often came from that area.

As a travel agency, imagery plays a significant role in the marketing of their business, which is why we recommended a Pinterest account be created as well. This platform would help highlight and promote the various locations of their tours through vibrant and professional photos.  Over time we have grown the account and have reached a following of 334 followers through the creation of 59 boards and a total of 2,845 pins.

Lastly, we recommended an marketing campaign that would not only utilize their lists of customer contacts, but would also save the client time by providing a solution to easily send out mass information to their large audience. Within the Travel and Transportation industry, the average open rate for emails is 17% with an average click through rate of 2.2%. Through our management, all of client’s email campaigns have consistently exceeded these numbers bringing in an average open rate of 40% and average click rate of 4.5%. We look forward to continuing our contribution to the growth of our client, Europa.

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