Europa Holiday

Europa Holiday

About the Company:

Europa Holiday Tours is a travel agency focused on giving tours in Europe. Ready Artwork handles the company’s website, SEO, and social media accounts.


Ready Artwork had designed their previous website years before but in mid 2015 Google changed their algorithm to favor responsive websites over non-responsive ones, meaning if your website was not ‘mobile-friendly’, your rankings in search engines would decrease over time in favor of mobile-friendly websites. This is something that small businesses can ill afford due to the importance of local search.


Ready Artwork’s development team did not remove or add any features. Instead, the team ensured that the website was fully-responsive and mobile-friendly. Breakpoints were incorporated so that at different pixel sizes, the screen would conform and change accordingly.

The website was made wider than it was before. It was previously 960 pixels and is now 1020 pixels wide. Ultimately after the implemented changes, the website now gives users an optimal experience for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

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