Get Wet Store Logo

Get Wet Store Logo

Logos are graphical displays of a company’s unique identity. Through color and style, a customer can tell a lot about your company just by looking at the logo. Get Wet Store understood the importance of having a logo and came to Ready Artwork to update their’s.

Get Wet Store is an online e-commerce store that sells scuba and snorkeling equipment. Their existing logo was very plain and lacking any personality.

Our team concentrated heavily on color and font studies, testing to see what color and kind of font worked best. Our graphic designers focused their efforts on font treatment, making the letters very bubbly and fun, and the color chosen is a deep ocean blue to represent the brand. In addition, our designers experimented integrating different sea animals, like seafish, into the logo before deciding that the fish was the best fit for the brand. The result is a fun and lively logo that allows the customer to dive deeply into the brand in just one look. Contact Ready Artwork to see how our team can create a highly personal logo for your brand.

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