About The Company:

Alegria is a well-established shoe company that produces specially designed comfort footwear with personality and brightness for the ideal mix of comfort and style.


Each season, Alegria produces a business to business catalog. Ready Artwork was tasked with designing their fall 2015 catalog, which is distributed to shoe vendors. Like with any catalog, there needed to be good balance and organization throughout, but the particular challenge was that Alegria was a pre-existing brand. Ready Artwork needed to be creative, but also be in line with Alegria’s brand identity.


Ready Artwork first decided on a decent balance between:
1. Lifestyle photos
2. Negative space
3. SKU numbers of the shoe products
4. New creative features with a blend of elements and colors associated with the brand
5. Overall clear display to make it easy for the vendors

Ready Artwork created an outline and wireframe. In this process, there was constant communication with the client to make sure the catalog was heading in the right direction. Ready Artwork mocked up several different suggestions focusing on organization and accuracy.

In the end, the final catalog was a total of 54 pages with a cover and a new landscape orientation.