About the Company:

Angel Specialty Products is a new business with ambitious plans. The company plans to start off with serving beverages such as coffee, frappuccinos, and cappuccinos. Their goal is to grow into a business that carries more than just beverages.


Since Angel Specialty is brand new, the main challenge was to have an identifiable and timeless brand that showcases their services. The plan was to make sure the business was not locked into looking like just a beverage service. The client needed the brand to appeal to the Asian community and still maintain an American flair.

Packaging was also planned for the business. Another challenge was developing a versatile logo that sat well on different packaging colors.


A soft “tiffany” blue was incorporated into the logo because it connects well with the name of the business. The Ready Artwork team further made sure the wing that was included in the logo had a masculine balance to it. This was to make sure to not only target the female audience, but the male audience as well. These design choices created a versatile logo that was not dependent on packaging.