AU79 Teahouse is a local Taiwanese restaurant that has been a long time client of Ready Artwork’s. In the past we’ve done poster design, website design, and packaging design for this client. We currently are also managing their social media channels. Like any growing business, AU79 wanted to add new products to their menu so they needed a menu redesign.



Being a restaurant, this menu would have a lot of items so the challenge for our designers was to fit all of the items on the menu while finding balance and not overwhelming the customers. We’ve created previous menus for this client, so we wanted this menu to be more vibrant, colorful, and eye-catching than past designs.



Our marketing team first reorganized the information so that it would be clear and easy to digest. Since AU79 primarily sells drinks, we wanted to include fruits and Tapioca boba as illustration elements on the menu to make it fun and playful.



With the bright colors and fun illustrations, the menu really reflects AU’s personality. It’s pleasing to look at and easy to find what you’re looking for! Whether you need a new menu design or a logo design, our team of experienced designers can create effective and beautiful designs for your business! 

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