About the Company:

The City of San Gabriel Parks and Recreation Department offers strong municipal services and specializes in programs like development permitting, redevelopment assistance, community leisure activities, and park maintenance. Their resources serves local government youth education, senior and child programs.


Ready Artwork and the City of San Gabriel had worked previously in the development of the current City of San Gabriel logo for the centennial celebration. With that project’s past success, our design firm was commissioned to create a logo design for their Dail-A-Ride program. The challenge was implementing the concept of “movement of citizens” with elements from the Mission District.

Ready Artwork’s Solutions: 

The graphic team researched other city logos and conducted font studies to achieve the branding considerations for the program.The final logo represents the Mission District, with a bus flowing along a stylized road. Keeping the font of San Gabriel coherent with the current city’s logo, we incorporated shades of green to represent the earth, nature, and reference the growing diversity found in San Gabriel. The final logo design will soon be seen on their website (http://www.sgprd.org) and buses all around San Gabriel.