Bulbstar manufactures and distributes CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) fluorescent light bulbs and other sustainable energy efficient lighting fixture products.

The Challenge:

Bulbstar commissioned Ready Artwork for a packaging design for CFL (Company Fluorescent Light) light bulbs that would allow customers to see the bulbs, while still protecting the bulbs from damage.  The packaging design had two windows (one on top & one on the side) with a clear protective sheet on the box,  which allowed for easy visibility for customers, while keeping the product undamaged.  The package design allows for easy shelving, as well.

Ready Artwork’s Solution:

Our creative team designed die-cut packaging for individual CFL fluorescent light bulbs that feature a window that allows customers to see the light bulbs inside. The packaging was also designed to be cost-efficient for the manufacturer. Our team chose a die-cut design with two windows (one on top & one on the side) and a clear protective sheet on the box to allow customers to easily view the products with less risk of damage to the bulb.