Ever since moving to Monrovia, we’ve been heavily involved with many of the city’s major projects like the Taking Back Our Community initiative and the Water Conservation project. Our team is always excited to partner with the city and we’re very proud to have partnered with the city in rolling out their latest program, GoMonrovia.


GoMonrovia is a city wide multi-modal transportation program that partners with Lyft and LimeBike to provide fast and affordable transportation throughout the city. To promote the project, the city needed banners, signs, and stickers throughout the streets of Monrovia to get the public aware before the launch date.




Our team went out to Monrovia to get a better picture of where these banners and signs would be and how to design them. Our designers would first need to create an eye-catching logo in addition to the banners. They kept in close communication with the city trying to understand what was needed for the banners. The city wanted something bright and colorful so that it would be easily seen by pedestrians and drivers.

For the logo design, our team first conducts research of similar initiatives and other similar projects. After the initial research, our designers went through 12 logos to present to the city. Our designers wanted the logo to symbolize movement and forward motion. The final logo incorporates an arrow in the letter g which gives the impression of moving forward. The word “Go” is featured more prominently than the word “Monrovia” to highlight the motion aspect even more.



The newly designed logo was placed on banners, signs, stickers, and bike racks to go all around the city. On these materials, our designers created a background with pink, purple and green to combine the colors of Lyft and LimeBike.These bright colors also add to a playful feel to the entire project. In all of these marketing materials, our designers also created a mosaic background with these colors that applied to many of the stickers, posters and even the floor for the bike rack area. Every street in Old Town Monrovia is filled with GoMonrovia marketing collateral!

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