About the Company:

House Delights is a company that provides healthy food and snack options for its consumers including fresh fruit such as mangoes.


The challenge for this product line was creating a fruit sticker and tray with a limited space workspace. For the sticker, the design and content was limited to a 1 inch area. For the tray, the box that houses the mangoes has holes throughout the box, making it difficult to design without interfering with the spaces for the holes.


For the sticker, a barcode, a PLU number and the name of the mango and logo were all fit into the 1 inch area. An emphasis was placed on placement and hierarchy. To make it stand out from other sticker designs, two of the corners were pointed and the other two were rounded giving it a distinct look. The color used in the logo was also by design in order to allow the sticker to stand out throughout the life of the mango and its color changes due to ripeness. A 1-color design was used in order to avoid having a multi-color print process.

For the tray, the Ready Artwork design team did some research to find out which color boxes sell best for mangoes and applied it to the design. The content was included onto the box which allowed room for the name of the product, the number of mangoes per box and allowed for additional room for placement of the stickers onto the mangoes by the production line. A 2-color process was used and gave the final product an attractive and appealing design.