About the Company:

The InveServe corporation was established in 1988 and currently services the greater Los Angeles areas of Southern California. Over the years, they have developed into a high quality service-based property management and real estate investment company that has managed some of the largest international and domestic corporations, institutions and private investor groups.


The client requested an updated logo. The challenge for this project was creating a logo that maintained the same essence and recognition without looking too similar to the original logo.


Ready Artwork’s design team performed an extensive font study and began by manually manipulating the shape and form of the font to fit in the box. For the colors, a darker grey background color with a blue and green tint was chosen to make the text stand out. The logo’s most noticeable change was the transition from using “inc” to “corp”. The team also explored the idea of integrating symbols, marks and architectures but the ultimate decision was made to omit punctuation marks as a way to symbolize the growth and establishment of the company.