About the Company:

Since 2007, Lexin has been focusing on motorcycle electronics. Their goal is to provide a wide range of quality products for every motorcycle fan. By the year of 2010, Lexin established itself as a premium source for motorcycle audio, wireless Bluetooth interphone and flexible color change LED kits, to name a few of their feature products.

The Challenge:

Lexin had a pre-existing logo but wanted it to be more clear and visible. They also requested a new font for the word “Lexin”. Their company is in both the electronic industry as well as the automotive industry, so our designers had to create a logo that represented both industries. The logo needed to be masculine and in sync with the fluid icon.

The Solution:

Our designers created a logo with a lot of weight and movement in the design, but also kept it bold and strong. The new font gives it substance and helps it stand apart from other logos well. The “X” was created as an arrow to represent that the company is constantly ‘moving’. Our designers also selected a sans serif font because it provided a more modern and contemporary look to embrace the technological aspect of both the electronic and automotive industries.