The City of Monrovia starting hosting an annual Beer, Wine and Music Festival. Last year, our design team designed the event’s first official logo along with the official event poster as well.


Design a new poster this year (2018).  It needs to be different from last year, however align with existing brand and logo guidelines that we have created from previous years. The poster would need to attract attention from people in the city, garnering awareness for the event.


In this poster, our designers wanted to make sure all the elements of the festival are visible and clear. In the past year, the poster focused more on the “beer” aspect with a lot of grains and beer glasses. In addition, our designers would need to balance a lot of information on this poster so organization was very crucial yet still eye-catching above all since this was a print poster that would be up around the city as well as posted up digitally.


Our team created a very clean and attractive poster for the event that incorporates all the aspects of the festival; there’s a beer glass and wine bottle in addition to a photo of the bands that will be performing at the event. The different groups of text are made distinct with the different branding colors, white and yellow. Overall, the poster is very modern and easy to read. Different posters will need slightly different formats since they would be put up in different places so our designers also created a few variations for the city. These posters need to be done far in advance in order to give the printers time and for the city to set up the posters around the city.

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