About the Company:

Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company is an an international hedge funds investment firm located in Irvine, CA that offers strategic alternative investment solutions to institutional investors around the world.


PAAMCO commissioned a strategic investment portfolio from Ready Artwork that would include designs for a folder, a pitch book and a quarterly report.


All 3 pieces were designed to adhere to the company’s existing identity with a creative spin. Our creative team worked with the printer to engineer a custom die-cut folder with a high capacity spine to enclose both the thick pitch book and quarterly report. This folder was designed and printed on a high-quality cover stock with custom embossing of the company “swoosh” and logo. The pitch book and quarterly report were designed to establish PAAMCO’s standard typography and layout guide for future reports. Our team suggested using a two-hit print on the folder to ensure an even and rich coating. Not only did our team conduct proof checks, but also press checks to ensure the quality of the prints.