R.E. Atckison started in the 1940s and is one of the oldest brand in terms of ground support equipment for aircrafts such like engine jacks and cargo holders. Their primary customers include governments, military and commercial clients around the world.


Client wanted a trifold brochure that they can send out to agencies and aircraft builders around the world. This brochure that will highlight and showcase their history and modern manufacturing. The brochure not only needed to layout all the information necessary but also match with the company’s existing branding.


Since there’s so little space on a brochure, our designers needed to make sure that information is easy to read yet still eye catching. In addition, since the primary audience are all engineers, the brochure could not be too wordy. The overall message and product specs needed to be clearly stated and visible.

In order to get a better understanding of the project, our team went to the facility to learn more about the company’s capabilities and their culture. This research and insight would be incorporated into the design.


After understanding the company better, our team designed the brochure to feel like it was “Made in the USA”, to match the company’s branding and services. With brochures, the layout is crucial so our team spent time organizing all the important information and laying it out. The final design is very clean, very appealing and very easy to read while still maintaining the image of R.E. Atckinson.

While a trifold may seem like not enough space to convey all the information you want to, our skilled designers are able to not only organize your information precisely but also lay it out in an eye catching way.

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