About the Company:

The San Gabriel Community Services Department was formerly known as the Parks and Recreation Department. This change is part of a larger city-wide reorganization that is dedicated to improving the community with quality programs and services.


Ready Artwork has worked with several departments of the City of San Gabriel. The challenge for this logo was creating a new logo with icons representing the community services as a whole.


Ready Artwork’s design team began by including the icons to best represent the logo and the department. The tree represents the various parks in the city. The apple represents education and after school programs. The bell represents the historical value of the city and is consistent with other San Gabriel logos. The bus represents the city’s dial-a-ride program and its connections throughout the city. The water represents the aquatics program. Lastly, the hands represent the city of San Gabriel reaching out to the community.

The logo is also used by each individual division with its corresponding icon highlighted. For example, the parks can use the logo with the tree colored in green and the rest of the icons greyed out to highlight the division.