About the Company:

The San Gabriel Farmers’ Market began in early Spring of 2014 with the help of Sterling Farmers Markets, the producer of other farmers’ markets in the area, and plentifully filled with local vendors and artisans. It is held weekly on Thursdays through early Fall at Vincent Lugo Park in San Gabriel.

The Challenge:

Ready Artwork has previously worked with the City of San Gabriel to design logos for the San Gabriel Centennial Celebration logo and the San Gabriel Dial-A-Ride program. For this third brand identity project, the challenge was to create a unique logo that did not focus solely on the San Gabriel Mission: the city’s quintessential landmark, and to deliver a feeling of freshness while paying homage to the time-honored city.

The Solution:

Ready Artwork’s design team performed research, font studies and learned about the history of the city in the process. Ultimately, the final design included a silhouette of the Mission’s façade, with the rooster’s comb fitting within the top of the mission. The colors represent the green of the valley and the burgundy is from an existing pantone color used in San Gabriel’s Centennial Celebration logo. The distressed effect gives the logo design an aged but charming look.