About the Company:

SNG Oxygen Sensors, Inc. supplies oxygen sensors for manufacturers, co-manufacturers, rebuilders and retail customers in the automotive industry. Oxygen sensors serve an integral part in engine efficiency by determining the oxygen content of the exhaust gas in automobiles. SNG Oxygen Sensors, Inc. is a private label that sells to local automotive companies globally and can be found in automotive retailers, such as Pep Boys.


The client needed both a print and a digital catalogue that would be used by employees at automotive retailers, dealerships, and auto body shops to help identify the correct oxygen sensor for their customer’s vehicles. Both printed and digital catalogues would need to be updated annually to provide the most up-to-date information for product application. The client also requested a promotional poster that would be used in-store to advertise SNG Oxygen Sensors.


Our team drew on the clean, corporate brand identity that we had created when designing SNG Oxygen Sensor’s company website. We featured a crisp graphical image of the product on each marketing item.  This image helps demonstrate the product’s high quality level. We also suggested that the promotional poster should include a few key points about the product to differentiate the client’s private label from pre-existing name brands.