About the Company:

Toypurina the Stage Show tells the story of a young woman who led her people in a rebellion against the San Gabriel Mission in 1785. The play is co-written by Matthew Lovio and Andrew Morales and is presented by Director, Jonathan Salisbury. Toypurina the Stage Show is a true story about love, determination, and loss.

The Challenge:

As a proud sponsor of the Toypurina Stage Show, Ready Artwork was happy to be able to give back to our community to help create and design the logo, marketing material and website for our client. (Read more about the informational website we created for our client here: https://www.readyartwork.com/websites/toypurina/) For this production specifically, a strong logo was needed to help portray the amazing and compelling story of Toypurina.

Ready Artwork’s Solution:

Extensive research and font studies were conducted by Ready Artwork in order to ensure that the brand identity of our client and their event was correctly portrayed. In the end, we carefully selected a feather icon to symbolize the Tongva Tribe in the Toypurina logo design. As for the chosen typography, our designers chose a heavy weight font to create a bold and attractive feel that could easily be seen from afar. As a request from the client, the slogan, “A story of love, determination, & loss” was also included at the bottom of the logo. Along with the logo design, Ready Artwork created marketing materials such as brochures and fliers to help promote the event which is scheduled to premiere on October 23rd, 2014.