About the Company:

Varavo is a company that focuses on producing cannabis-infused edibles and products with a higher standard. Varavo cannabis oil and edibles are tested by a certified independent 3rd party lab; To go a step further, Varavo pulls random products during production to test in-house to ensure safety and consistency.

The Challenge:

Varavo signed with Ready Artwork for a package design for their 2 and 4 pack in milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate flavors. The main requirement of this package design was to be child-resistant.  The client specifically requested to show their logo and the warning sign clearly on the package design. The color preference was to incorporate blue.

The Solution:

Our Graphic Design team developed a simple package design with typefaces that are complementary to the imagery to meet client’s requirement of child-resistant. Our team made sure the logo and warning sign didn’t get too confusing and purposely created an extra layer for embossing print. We decided to go with a light blue background color to counter being too colorful and playful. We also avoided medical and pharmaceutical associations to prevent any legal issue. The overall package design was informational without looking too busy, which allowed the customers to easily understand the product on hand.