About the Company:

VC Gift Baskets is a new business specializing in creating gift baskets with delectable items that range from Starbucks coffee, Ghirardelli Chocolates, cheese & wine, fruits and much more.


There were two major challenges for this project. The first was creating an effective logo without the luxury of having a fully constructed website. The second challenge was having to create a logo that matched well with the website colors despite seasonal changes.


At the request of the client, the Ready Artwork design team began constructing a logo that did not have the feeling of being gender specific to help send the message that the all-occasion gift baskets can appeal to all ages and genders.

The font that is used is a serif font that exudes the feeling of being both serious and professional. The bow in the logo is simple and represents the bows that customers will see on their gift baskets. It also serves to occupy the negative space by the “VC” letters.