About the Company:

VivoAquatics is the leading provider of innovative water management solutions to hotels, resorts and water parks worldwide and continually sets the standard in water management. Some of their clients include, Wet N’ Wild, Las Vegas, the Mirage Hotel, the Sheraton Waikiki and the W Hotel Los Angeles and Ready Artwork created advertisements to be featured in publications such as World Waterpark Magazine and The World Waterpark Association Monthly Magazine.


The challenge for this particular project was creating an ad that incorporated all of the elements that VivoAquatics feels strongly about, such as their core values. Another challenge for the Ready Artwork team was having to create an advertisement for a company in an industry that was unfamiliar to them since this was the first time Ready Artwork had worked with a client in the water management sector.


Ready Artwork’s design team began by working closely with the client to fully understand the business and the water management industry as a whole. From there, the team was able to put together an advertisement that embraced the values of VivoAquatics. The ads contain a very strong human element that very professionally portrays family fun and safety.

The vivid images are accompanied by information about the company’s chemical automation system. The 24/7 remote monitoring features are also prominently displayed as well as information regarding the product’s energy efficiency and sustainable solutions.