HQ Packaging Website Design

HQ Packaging Website Design

About The Company:

HQ Packaging offers to their clients a wide range of custom printing bags at an affordable price. They bring their clients’ printed design to life using four color process, spot colors, or a combination of both. The HQ Packaging team provides printed and custom bags to a variety of businesses with a wide range of applications.


HQ Packaging needed a re-design on their out of date Magento website. Some of their website functions weren’t working and they were just looking to renew their branding.


Our graphic team redesigned their logo to refresh their branding. They created a logo with a prominent HQ as well as packages in the same four color process that they use for their clients. For their website, our website design team created a clean site with a white background. They also made the site user friendly and responsive so it’d be easier for future clients to navigate around the site and submit inquires through the site.

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