Magforce Photography

Magforce Photography

Magforce is an internationally successful company that specializes in military grade gear like backpacks. They came to Ready Artwork to fine tune a strategy on how to break into the US market. So our team helped capture their branding and lifestyle through a newly designed website, video loop and photography.

The biggest challenge for this photoshoot was coordinating and planning. Our team scouted multiple locations ahead of time that could show off the products’ features. For example, a ocean or water scene was necessary in order to highlight that the backpack was waterproof.

Our team coordinated and communicated closely with the client and their team to get a shootlist, focusing on capturing the intricate details and features of the products. In addition, our team felt that a video loop would benefit the home page even more by showcasing the process in real time.

On the various locations, our team worked hard to take high quality photos of the products. Both the photos and the video loop were included on the website to highlight the products and add depth to the brand. From visiting the website, a customer can clearly see the lifestyle that is Magforce.
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