San Gabriel 100th Logo

San Gabriel 100th Logo

The city of San Gabriel is a “City with a Mission” that dates back to 1771 with the founding of the Mission San Gabriel Archangel. San Gabriel’s Centennial celebration is scheduled to take place starting in January 2013.

The Challenge:

The city commissioned Ready Artwork for the project of logo creation and identity design for the Centennial celebration. The goal was to capture the essence of the Mission District without relying on a religious symbol, such as the Mission San Gabriel Archangel, in order to maintain a division between church and state.

Ready Artwork’s Solution:

Our graphic design department collaborated with the San Gabriel Centennial Committee to develop a logo and brand identity by using architectural elements of the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse. The contemporary image features a stylish, reverse-print rendition of the Mission Playhouse façade. A pair of the Mission District’s iconic palm trees also stand out against a backdrop that spells out “100,” marking the hundredth anniversary of the City’s incorporation on April 24, 1913.

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