Europa is a local travel agency that we’ve worked with for many years. Over the years, we’ve done email marketing, social media marketing and graphics work and even a video for their website. They trust us for all of their digital marketing needs.


The client wanted to further boost their brand awareness and reach on social media to draw more customers into their store to sign up for tours.


Since we’ve worked on this account before, starting ad campaigns was more efficient; our team already knew the target audience. This audience mainly spoke Chinese so just like our Facebook posts, we needed to make the ads bilingual for their customers to understand. Our team decided that Facebook ads would be the easiest and best way to reach their target audience and accomplish the client’s goals.


Our team created several ad campaigns in order to generate more traffic to the website and more brand awareness. In addition to like campaigns to garner more likes on the Facebook page, our team also ran tour specific local ads on Facebook to feature in season tours and targeted a specific demographic that would respond well to these kinds of advertisements. Over time, we refined these ads so that they garnered 53% increase in engagement and reached over 10,000 people.

Does your business need effective social media ads to accomplish your business goals? Contact our team to see how we can achieve these goals for you!

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