Europa Holiday Tours is a local travel agency in San Gabriel, CA. The company specializes in Chinese language tours to a wide variety of destinations in Europe.


The challenge for this client was performing SEO for both English and Chinese.

We needed to ensure that the content is properly implemented and SEO-friendly.

Another challenge was that we wanted to help the client reach a wider audience.

Insights & Research:

Based on initial talks with the client, the demographic for Europa is older Chinese couples and families.

We also checked Google Analytics to see which pages had the highest bounce rates to focus on how we could make improvements.

Heat map tracking was installed for us to get an even better understanding of how users interacted on the website.


Keyword research was the first step we took to optimize the website.

The particular challenge is that we needed to search for both English and Chinese keyword phrases to optimize.

Once we did that, we implemented the keywords into the content and created compelling tour pages with stunning images of each destination.

Next, since Europa Holiday Tours is a local business, we performed local SEO to ensure the business was listed consistently throughout the major directories.

Since we have consistently performed SEO over the years, we have seen extremely positive results:

Organic search has improved by 217%

Bounce rate has improved by 31%

Average time on site improved by 79%

We have also been able to improve organic goal completions by 47% over the past 2 years.


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