Shoe Land Animated Logo

Shoe Land Animated Logo

Sometimes it’s hard to part with an old loved logo but it is necessary in order to better reach your target audience. This was the case for ShoeLand, who had an outdated logo from 20 years ago. While it was difficult to let go, the logo needed a facelift to match their desired demographics: fashionable and trendy youth.

Not only did our team create the new logo and website, but we also created an animated logo for Shoeland. The logo flows from the old to the new and would flash different colors as well. The client loved this idea of fusing the two together and how it accurately described how their brand was fast paced and would give your wardrobe a flash of color.

Animated logos are a new product here at Ready Artwork but a necessity that your company needs. These logos can be used in videos, social media, or give movement to your email campaigns and websites. We have already been implementing them and you can see on in our website and social media! This small movement can give your brand so much more life so contact Ready Artwork to see how you can give your logo some livelihood.

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