Social media altered the face of marketing, especially for makeup brands. We started working with 2nd Love Cosmetics, a LA based makeup company, in 2008, designing their packaging and doing their email marketing. But as time progressed, the client realized that social media was necessary to boost their brand awareness.


As new social media platforms started becoming more popular, the client came to Ready Artwork asking to integrate these new channels like Facebook and Instagram into their marketing strategies, later adding on Pinterest and Youtube.  


Each of these platforms requires its own unique and different strategy for optimal reach and interaction; so our team spent time together to first research the market and our client’s target audience to plan out content for each platform accordingly. Especially since Instagram’s launch in 2011, our team has been growing and learning alongside this longtime client to develop new methods and strategies fit for the industry and the brand. The main purpose of the Instagram account was to grow a loyal fan base to help increase the awareness of the 2nd Love Cosmetics brand. The client especially wanted to increase their following on Instagram, since a cosmetics company that’s highly image-based like 2nd Love can benefit immensely from this platform.


Through our careful management, Ready Artwork has been able to increase the 2nd Love Cosmetics fan base from 200 to over 19,000 Instagram followers, averaging 600+ monthly likes for their posts. On Facebook, our team was able to garner 18,000-page likes and each post reaches an average of 500 people. Along with the daily management of posts and giveaways, hashtag research and experimentation is done to achieve the optimal reach for our account.

Our team also performs influencer marketing for this client. By creating a strong brand presence utilizing the influencer’s trusted fan-base, it amplifies their message and product even more. With this growth of Influencers and changes in the marketing landscape, our team continues to develop new strategies to leverage the 2nd Love Cosmetics brand.

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