About the Company:

AU79 Tea House was founded by Rein Chen Lee in 1998. Rein Chen Lee is the fourth son of Sum-Mu-Lee, founder of the world famous Ten Ren’s Tea Company. In keeping with the family tradition, AU79 offers only the best quality tea by using a handpicked selection of tealeaves to create a wide variety of flavors and aromas that suit everyone’s unique palate. There are currently three AU79 locations throughout the San Gabriel Valley: Pasadena, San Gabriel, and Arcadia.


AU79 approached Ready Artwork with the challenge of organizing a plan to boost customer traffic for their various locations, specifically focusing on the Arcadia and Pasadena stores. The challenge that we faced was to develop a customized marketing solution that would cater to the goals of each store. Specifically with the newest Pasadena location, building awareness for the store was a top priority for our client.


As a solution for the client, Ready Artwork proposed an online marketing package that would building Au79’s online audience through various social media platforms. With both stores being in close vicinity of local school establishments, the majority of customers was often high school and college students, with some business professionals for the Pasadena store as well. With this in mind, we recommended Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

At the start of this account, the Pasadena location had not yet existed and so the initial Facebook page created was for the Arcadia teahouse. Since the beginning of our management, we have grown the fan base to its current standing at 3,220 fans with an average reach of 1,000-2,000 each week. Once the Pasadena store was established, a new Facebook page was created specifically for this location and we have been continuing to grow the fan base through the active posting and interactions with our fans.

Along with the daily monitoring of reviews and comments on Twitter, Yelp and Foursquare, Ready Artwork also recommended starting an Instagram account specifically for the Pasadena store. As a business within the food and beverage industry, images play a significant role in the marketing strategy for our client. Also with the growing trend of individuals sharing and posting photos of their meals and food items, Instagram was the perfect platform to help showcase the menu offered by our client. Through the use of hashtags, comments, and geotags, our marketers have been able to interact and build relationships with the local students and professionals around the Pasadena area. Currently we have a fan base of 448 followers with our posts generating an average of 672 likes per month. Through these platforms, Au79 has been able to extend its reach and branding and has become one of the popular hot spots for locals near and far.