Beautiful Giant is a men’s fashion retailer based in Los Angeles. They came to Ready Artwork looking for ways that they could increase their brand awareness online. We decided that both Facebook and Instagram would be effective in accomplishing their goal.


The main challenge with this account was establishing the client’s target audience and what posts that audience would engage with. Both Facebook and Instagram had very few fans so our team had to also strategize how to increase that number.


First, our team worked closely with the client to determine a target audience and to look up content that they were already engaging with. It was important to also not make the new content still compatible with the existing branding. We also set up weekly email newsletters to further boost brand awareness.


All content was planned ahead of time with a content calendar. In order to make sure our posts were seen by fans and their fans, we boosted each post so that they would reach a larger audience. In addition to regular posting on both Facebook and Instagram, our team also created product-specific ads to boost sales. Through careful management and planning, we increased fans by 51% and increased post engagements by 113%.

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