About the Company:

Image Beauty is a store in Monterey Park, CA that carries the newest cosmetics and beauty products from Asia.


The client was looking to increase the store’s online presence and was unsure of how to go about it. The challenge for Ready Artwork was determining which platform would be best for the store and executing a plan to build brand awareness.


Ready Artwork worked closely with the client to determine the best course of action and ultimately chose Instagram marketing due to the platform’s ability to showcase compelling and alluring images. The account had to be built from the ground up, starting with 0 fans.

Ready Artwork’s marketing team began by going to the store and taking pictures of the best items to feature. This is an on-going process and the client continually informs Ready Artwork of new, trendy products to feature.

With the help of attractive photos, hashtag research, community management, occasional campaigns and promotions, the Image Beauty Store Instagram account reached 1,058 fans as of March of 2015. The account has also built up a loyal and active fan-base that consistently inquire about prices of items that are posted.

At the end of each month, reports are compiled to better understand the progress of the account and to discover new and better ways to turn Instagram followers into frequent visitors to the store.