SEO is about making consumer searches more accurate and user-friendly. The more time you put into SEO marketing and building a recognizable website that gets a lot of relevant traffic, the higher your rankings will climb on Google and other unpaid search engines, which is what our marketing team accomplished for PEX Superstore.

Our team first gathered as much data about the industry from the client as possible. From there, we performed detailed keyword research to understand the opportunities in that market. Afterwards, we examined their competitors and identified keywords and optimization techniques that they were not utilizing and implemented those for PEX Superstore. In addition, we carefully monitored user behavior on the website and made adjustments accordingly to improve their experience.

After these changes, we noticed a 0.5% improvement in conversion rates. Since then, bounce rate improved by 12.34%, average session duration increased by 13.45%, transactions improved by 55.63%, revenue improved by 34.21% and the conversion rate increased by 58.77%. (All of these stats are from Organic Search)

SEO is not a task that your company should neglect; it is crucial for your success. So if you want Ready Artwork to help you start building this path to success, contact us today!