About the Company:

Makeup artist, Priscilla Ono is known for her work within the Hollywood makeup industry. Some of her celebrity clients include Iggy Azalea, Amber Rose, Christina Milian, Paris Hilton and many more! Due to popular demand, Priscilla Ono has introduced makeup schools in Los Angeles and New York City for both the beginner and aspiring professional makeup artist.


As a relatively new business within the highly competitive industry of makeup, the ultimate challenge for Ready Artwork was to first get our clients into the game and then second, to help their website rank amongst their competitors through organic methods and optimization.


In order to gage the competition for our client, Ready Artwork performed competitive analysis and keyword research to determine the most relevant and viable set of keywords to go after for our client. In order to improve the user experience on the website, our SEO team performs monthly reviews to ensure that all aspects of the website, both structure and content are presented with the best interest for their students and visitors in mind. Through Ready Artwork’s management, organic traffic and keyword referrals have increase while website rankings continues to rise.