You might think that social media marketing is only for younger companies but not so. Even historical landmarks, like the San Gabriel Mission Church, need professional marketing strategies to help boost their major events. Though the Mission was founded in 1771, they understood how crucial social media is in today’s marketing landscape.


The Mission Church came to Ready Artwork about a month before the actual annual Fiesta with their problem. Celebrations of the Fiesta have been going on since 1903 and is one of America’s oldest parties. The client wanted to raise attendance because, in the past few years, there was actually a decline due to lack of publicity. In addition, their social media was not carefully handled and resulted in dozens of different social media accounts handled by various interns and volunteers.


However, a month was not sufficient time to generate a significant increase in foot traffic for the event so our team instead developed a long-term year-long social media strategy for this client which includes managing their Facebook and Yelp page.


Our marketing team proposed a long-term social media strategy to not only boost the reach and attendance for the Fiesta but also build a community.

Throughout the year, we consistently post content to expand the community and update them about ongoing events, like Bingo and fundraisers. With these posts, we stray from being religious and instead focus more on the community and the history of the Mission, thus reaching a far larger audience.

In the two to three months prior to the Fiesta, our team is even more active on social media, boosting and sharing events to spread awareness, and regularly engaging with fans. As a result, there is now a very large following for the Fiesta, as many fans eagerly interact with the page and wait for the event. On average, the event reaches 25,000 people on Facebook and in 2016, we reached a record high in attendance, roughly 20,000 visitors, and this number is projected to increase in the coming years. As a result of our social media efforts, the Fiesta is actually evolving and improving with more vendors, wristbands for rides, and DJs to appeal to more families and a younger demographic. Social media is such a powerful tool that can not only increase traffic for an event but alter the event itself.

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