What’s the first thing a customer would see when going onto your website? Your home page.
It’s absolutely vital that your home page is optimized to ensure your company’s success. Our client, Skylar, understood the importance of this and came to us to help them update their website to have a more modern and simple look. Most importantly, they wanted the main hero image of the website will be the first thing their customers would see.
Here are some new features our team developed for their page as well:

  • New footer with cute patterns
  • Instagram live feed
  • Carousel feature to show their latest products
  • New header with free shipping
  • Screen to screen at the bottom for their latest PR releases

After these improvements, our team saw that their website had a 49.55% increase in sales and orders improved by 29.51%. These developments lead to significant improvements for Skylar and Ready Artwork can do this for your company as well! Contact us today!