Shamwow, Swifter, Snuggie, SquattyPotty.. what do all of these products have in common? A great product name! A good name is so crucial in establishing your brand image and awareness. Zinnet understood the importance of having a compelling name for their new cat litter box invention, so they came to Ready Artwork to discover what their product could be named.


There are already many well known litter brands in the industry so this product name not only needed to easily describe to consumers what the product could do and still distinguish itself from existing competitors.


The first thing our marketing team did was to research competitors and general litter research to establish our persona for the product. After doing this preliminary research, we moved onto doing keyword research that we wanted to describe the product and would appeal to our ideal persona. Each keyword also included at least four synonyms as well. Once all this research was gathered, our team was ready to start compiling some product names.


Our marketing team first came up with a list of 12 names for the client. Each of these names included reasons why it would be a good product name and our team also crosschecked to see if it was available as a website domain name and as a trademark name. We reviewed these names with the client and went through a round of revision based on their feedback. The final name that the client picked as SpeedySift. This name is very self explanatory and descriptive; it describes how the product works and how quick it is. The name is also a combination of some keywords that we had listed and flows off the tongue very well. The client was very happy with the name and we know that many cat owners will be satisfied with their SpeedySift.

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