Zyllion, Inc. is an online purveyor of innovative massagers and health care products at affordable prices for their customers. Their designs target specific areas of the body (neck, shoulder, back, feet, etc.), and come with a range of customizable functions to suit your personal health and pain management needs.


The challenge for this particular project was updating the website with responsive design while maintaining all of the website’s SEO rankings and features.


Ready Artwork’s development began by designing with a “mobile-first” responsive design mentality. The reasoning behind this was partially because of Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm update that penalizes non mobile-friendly websites. Eye-catching banner images were included on the homepage to highlight a few of Zyllion’s best products and their features. Below the banner images, visitors are able to see clear photos of the new products as well as the on sale products with a ‘quick view’ option. Visitors are also able to shop by category when they click on the “massagers” section. Neck, back and heated massagers are categorized for an easy browsing experience. Lastly, in order to preserve SEO rankings, titles, meta descriptions and other SEO related items were transferred over and the URL structure went mainly unchanged giving the website a smooth transition to its new design.