Tri County Gear

Tri County Gear

Our Challenge:

Tri-County Gear offers a variety of products from multiple manufacturers.   Each one of their lines of products came with a different database file format and image type. Our web development team needed to categorize and sort through each of the product lines’ in Microsoft Excel documents and understand what was essential to Tri-County Gear’s website.

Tri-County Gear wanted a blog that allowed them to provide their customers with the most up-to-date information about their current happenings and trending news in the off-roading market.

Ready Artwork’s Solution: 

We provided a solution for their variety of products by combining Microsoft Excel files into a more universal and organized file format with all the required, relevant information. We included a WordPress, Plug-In feature into their Magento website to handle both their eCommerce and blogging needs. We also integrated a jQuery with directional navigation for the user to browse through a list of multiple brands and product lines. We also integrated a brand carousel on Tri-County Gear’s landing page to show customers which brand of products they carry.

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