Ever needed a video for an event? Ready Artwork’s got you covered for all your video marketing needs.

AU 79 Teahouse is one of our most loyal clients. Over the years, Ready Artwork has done their website, designs, and social media marketing. Their ever-longing trust in our team tasked us to cover their monthly bike night. With the event coverage, AU79 requested our team to truly capture the culture and diversity of not only the bikes, but also the community that bonded over these bikes.

In order to achieve that, our team remained the entire night to get various shots of the location and of the people and bikes gathered. In addition, the team integrated some motion graphics to make the video stand out even more. The end result genuinely showcased AU 79 was not just a teahouse, but a place to socialize and come together as a community. Contact Ready Artwork to see how our team can enhance your brand’s video marketing.