The City of Monrovia partnered with many other local cities to start a campaign called “Taking Back Our Community” and they came to Ready Artwork to work on an informational video that educated citizens on the increasing crime rate in California. It was crucial that this video both increased public awareness and also advocated legislative changes.


Motion Graphics was the perfect solution for this campaign. Our team worked and communicated very closely with the City to fine tune a script for a video. From there, we created a mood board, inspired by many other public service announcement to see how we could go above and beyond existing content.


An essential part to this video was the voice and the music that would accompany the graphics. Our team choose a concerned voice that complemented the message and set the tone for the entire video. The client was very satisfied with the final product and the video was used on their website and also displayed at a convention.


Videos are much more powerful and memorable mediums that can inspire action. Contact Ready Artwork to see how videos can boost your company’s digital marketing strategy.