Since moving to Monrovia, we’ve been working closely with the city on various projects. Our team was very excited to partner with the city on the Monrovia Conserves project to encourage the city to conserve water.


The City of Monrovia came to Ready Artwork to work on an informational water conservation video to alert the public that the drought was actually not over. It was crucial that this video conveyed a sense of urgency but also credibility to inspire action.


Infographic flyers are often the go-to medium in these kinds of situations but a video can be so much more memorable and impactful than just images and text.

Motion Graphics was the perfect way to educate the residents of Monrovia about this issue. Our team worked and communicated closely with the City of Monrovia to fine tune a script for a short video that would be easily shareable but still educate the public. From there, we created a mood board, inspired by many other public service announcement to see how we could go above and beyond existing content.


An essential part to this video was the voice that would accompany the graphics. Our team choose a firm but optimistic voice that complemented the message and set the tone for the entire video. The client was very ecstatic about the final product and the video was also featured on the Monrovia City Manager’s Update email.

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