Add personality to your business through video and motion graphics.

As much as it is necessary to work hard, it is crucial to have fun and bond with your team. Ready Artwork firmly believes in this and we can regular “Fun Funds” as a way to get to know team members better and just to have some fun.

We decided to go to Saute Culinary Academy, a local business that we actually animated a logo for, to learn how to cook and to work together as a team outside of the office. This was a perfect opportunity to film our company culture and highlight the team members of Ready Artwork.

Our video team was tasked to film and edit the whole experience from start to finish. The video features snippets of our company culture and allows viewers to connect with our team. In the beginning of the video, we even featured the animated logo that we created for this business. To make the video even more fun, motion graphics and music were added in to keep viewers more engaged.
There’s no better way to show your company’s personality to your audience than a video. Contact our team at Ready Artwork to see how we can create a video to highlight your business.