SolarCamp has loved our photography and videography work, now it’s time to put together a motion graphic video that best demonstrates their product.  They are a local startup solar tech company that creates cutting edge technology like solar charging backpacks, umbrellas, and folding chargers. They came to Ready Artwork to redesign their website and shoot photos for their website.


In under 90 seconds, SolarCamp needed a video that can demonstrate their product for both B2B and B2C audiences.  Not only do we need to create custom illustrations that suits their brand and products, but we also need to incorporate photographs and short video clips into this motion graphic video.


Our motion graphic team used simple illustrations and vibrate colors to complement the SolarCamp product.  The short video clips and photographs were strategically inserted into the video timeline. A professional voice over was also placed over the motion graphic piece to allow a more thorough and precise explanation of their premium product.