What’s the best way to promote your products on your website? With high quality photography. SolarCamp is a local startup solar tech company that creates cutting edge technology like solar charging backpacks, umbrellas, and folding chargers. They came to Ready Artwork to redesign their website and shoot photos for their website.


In order to accomplish our goal, our team had to coordinate a full photoshoot day to shoot lifestyle photography with the products. Our team scouted for models and a location that would be optimal for highlighting the products.


First, our team created a mood board and theme for how we wanted this photoshoot to look like. We ultimately decided that having a family at a beach scene would be the best way to feature the products. A lot of coordination was involved to ensure that all our models were available for a shoot day as well as coordination for the permit for the beach location. Throughout this process, our team coordinated and communicated closely with the client and models to get a shotlist, focusing on the products and their capabilities.


Our art director was on site for the photoshoot making sure that our team’s vision for the shoot was accomplished. Our photographer shot a variety of product photography as well as lifestyle photography. The high quality photos highlighted the products features and made it more enticing for consumers to want to purchase. The full day shoot was very successful and the client was very pleased with the end result! These photographs made the website redesign stand out even more and helped to establish their credibility as a start up company.

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