Use video as a means to distinguish your company above your competitors whether on your website, in advertisements, or even at trade shows, that is what our The DaVinci Group (TDG), an audio system manufacturer that has over 30 years of experience, specializing in music, accomplished. We’ve worked with this client for many years and when we expressed that we now offer motion graphics and video, they were very interested in utilizing this service to promote their products.

The Challenge:

The client needed something to make them stand out at a trade show, with so many exhibitors and people walking it’s hard to distinguish your products from competitors. With a video, however, it will catch people’s attention while still showcasing the company’s credibility and product selection.

Insight & Research:

There are many different ways to make a company introduction video; however, we felt that the best way to connect with exhibitors and potential customers was a personal introduction from the company’s president and CEO, Jeff.  Our team communicated closely with the client to understand what was needed to make this video. The first step in any video process is to storyboard and envision what the video would look like. The storyboarding process also allows our team to see if any additional features are needed, like background music, motion graphics or different camera angles.

After the storyboard was finished, our team created a script beforehand to make sure that important topics were covered, like the company’s mission and important features of their products. Having the script completed ahead of time ensured that the client could practice so that the video shoot would run smoothly.

Clear sound and good lighting were also crucial to this video shoot. Our video team spent meticulous care ensuring that the set was well lit and that audiences would be able to hear Jeff clearly, especially in a trade show setting. Our team also researched out what background music would fit best with the video. Ultimately, we decided on upbeat and optimistic but not overpowering music to accompany the video.


Combining all of these elements, our videographers created a short yet engaging company introduction video that would catch people’s attention but not bore them. Our team also added in light motion graphics and line drawings of the products to further engage with the audience. These added elements help audiences better understand how their products are engineered.

The end result is a professional video that was played at trade shows that really highlighted TDG’s passion and expertise.

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