Alpha Luxe is an online lifestyle E-magazine site that has exclusive rights to pre sell and sell the Perrelet Turbine Sung Kang limited edition watch.


The client wanted blog integration and a landing page for the watch. One unique challenge was that the client wanted to charge a sales tax, but only for customers in California.

Our Solution:

Our team created a simple and elegant site that was very seamless and mobile friendly. Our programmers engineered the site to run extremely fast and added many additional features like lazy load, where a user scrolls and the content fades in, and a special design that when viewing articles, the left sidebar image is stationary but the content scrolls down; this creates a unique user experience. To solve the sales tax issue, our programmers, on the watch landing page, made a state drop down menu would coordinate if the customer selected “United States” and sales tax would automatically be added into the total bill when California is selected. If the customer selects anything other than “United States” then the State box would be blank so that the customer could type their response in.